Slide The intelligent emergency call, that can save lives with just a tap of the finger

The medical alert app from Taris. We enable fast first aid in emergency situations.

Always ready to save a life

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1.3 million
Number of emergency calls per year
In Germany, this is equivalent to 710,000 radio car deployments.
Every 80 seconds
A death from cardiovascular disease
Each delay in treatment decreases the probability of survival by approximately 10% per minute.
15:54 minutes
Therapy-free interval
The average arrival time is 15:54 minutes until the destination is reached.
How innovation saves lives

Automated alerting

Reaching first responders in the immediate vicinity

Alert the emergency services

A telephone connection to the rescue service is automatically established with a tap of the finger

Resuscitation support

AED (defibrillator) Navigation to the accident site

Second first Responder

In critical situations, a second first responder is automatically alerted

Robo call

Automated call if you are no longer able to respond and communicate

Recommendations for action

Simple and comprehensible recommendations for action for the respective type of emergency

Well informed

Detailed information about the emergency situation and the victim

Fast navigation

Die Standortermittlung und -Vermittlung geschieht automatisch – wir leiten Dich zum Einsatzort.

Practice through simulation and training

You can test yourself on the move and carry out training sessions in order to be prepared for emergencies.
Intelligent lifesaver app

Automated alerting of first responders

Shortening of the therapy-free interval and thus higher chances of survival

Verified first responders

Our professional network of first aiders consists of certified specialists

Accurate location

If there is an emergency, you will be found precisely by the GPS location.

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The Core Team

Marco Leutenegger

Co-Founder & CEO

Lidija Matosevic


Damir Stanic

Co-Founder & Visionary

Dr. Tom Frey

Legal Partner

Prof. Dr. med. Christoph Erggelet

Head of Medical Advisory Board
advisory board

Dr. med. Dr. MedSc Ulrich Terheggen

MPH&TM FMH Intensive Care Medicine, FMH Paediatrics, FMH Neonatology Specialist in Paediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care Medicine, Flight Surgeon for Intensive Care Transports, Vice Chairman Section Transport ESPNIC, Medical Director IHSTC

Dr. med. Dr. phil. Anna Erat

University of Zurich and Harvard Medical School Specialists in Internal Sports Medicine, Internal Medicine Reviewer for iQM, Clinical Lecturer at the Medical Faculty of the University of Zurich

Prof. Dr. Stefan Nehrer

Senior Physician of the Orthopaedic Department and Dean of the Faculty of Health and Medicine at Danube University Krems

Priv. Doz. Dr. med. Meinolf Goertzen

Secretary General of the German-Austrian-Swiss Society for Sports Traumatology (GOTS) Medical Advisor Volvo Ocean Race Around the World (Whitbread), America's Cup Chairman German Academy for Sports Medicine
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